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Family law mediation is a process that can help you and the opposing party negotiate your own terms related to divorce, parenting, post-divorce, property, separation, and other family issues.

Mediation can offer positive outcomes for you and the opposing party, such as:

  • Creating customized and flexible solutions that suit the needs and interests of the parties;
  • Enhancing control and autonomy by allowing the parties to make their own decisions;
  • Preserving relationships and reducing conflict by fostering cooperation and communication;
  • Promoting the well-being of children by minimizing their exposure to parental conflict; and
  • Saving time and money by avoiding lengthy and costly court proceedings

As a mediator, I will:

  • encourage you and the opposing party to listen and understand each other’s perspectives;
  • help you and the opposing party in your family law dispute to communicate and negotiate with each other;
  • help you and the opposing party identify the issues and interests that are important to you both;
  • generate and evaluate possible options and solutions for your specific situation;
  • not make decisions for you and the opposing party, but rather facilitate your dialogue and help you both explore options and solutions;
  • not take sides, or impose solutions on you and the opposing party;
  • support you and the opposing party in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement;
  • document the agreement in writing, draft all necessary legal documents, and present them to the court.

You and the opposing party can choose to participate in mediation voluntarily, or you both can be ordered by the court to do so.

I am an experienced family law attorney and trained mediator who helps individuals going through a family law dispute reach a fair and complete agreement that can be approved by a family court judge. Mediations are confidential and respectful of your and the opposing party’s needs and interests. Please call (405) 724-2525 for answers to your questions about mediation or to schedule a mediation session.

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