Family Law Attorney Yukon

Family Law Attorney Yukon

Family Law Attorney Yukon

For many people, the term family law is automatically associated with divorce. While divorce is one important legal issue that many family law courts grapple with, many different legal matters fall under this area of law, such as prenuptial agreements, paternity issues, and, in some cases, estate planning.

When in need of a skilled family law attorney, Yukon residents often turn to the team at Inner Vision Legal for reliable legal guidance. If you need assistance with divorce, custody, or other issues related to family law, please contact our office today to learn more about our services. 

The Basics of Divorce in Oklahoma

Oklahoma, like most states, allows for no-fault divorce, in which divorcing couples are not required to prove that one of the spouses was at fault for the end of the marriage. However, it is also possible to file a fault-based divorce in some instances, such as imprisonment, adultery, abandonment, or extreme cruelty. If you’re facing divorce, Attorney Rhonda can assist you in determining which type of filing will be appropriate for your situation and goals.

Another requirement for filing for divorce is that one of the parties must have lived in Oklahoma for at least six months and lived in the county where the divorce is filed for at least three months. For couples with children, there is a three-month waiting period after the divorce is filed before it can be finalized.

Child Custody and Visitation

When parents of minor children separate or are never married, family law courts are often tasked with determining issues related to child custody and visitation rights. In Oklahoma, child custody may be either joint, meaning decision-making authority is shared by both parents, or sole, in which one parent alone has decision-making rights. This includes decisions regarding healthcare, religion, education, and extracurricular activities. Even when sole custody is granted, the non-custodial parent will usually be granted visitation.

Child custody and visitation matters may be determined between the parents, but ultimately family law courts must ensure that any custody agreement reached is in a child’s best interests. To do this, courts will consider many factors, including but not limited to:

  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • Each parent’s willingness and ability to parent the child
  • Any history of violence or substance abuse
  • In some cases, the wishes of the child may also be considered

Our Family Law Attorney Offers Estate Planning Services

In addition to resolving legal issues surrounding the dissolution of marriage and parental rights, some family law attorneys, including Attorney Rhonda, also offer estate planning services. By understanding your family dynamics and long-term needs, a skilled family law attorney near Yukon can offer unique insights and legal strategies to help align your estate plan with your goals. Plus, when divorce or custody matters require a change to your current estate plan, working with a firm that offers both services can save you time and hassle.

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If you or a loved one have questions about a family law-related issue, please do not hesitate to contact the dedicated family law attorneys at Inner Vision Legal today. We would love the opportunity to assist you.

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